Lifestyle Angels

Lifestyle Angels Ltd “helping individuals improve their lives”

Working with small businesses in the local community in Edinburgh

Services and advice in nutrition and property (In-house web apps)


Improve the community

  • Create more integrated local communities
  • Connect individuals with small businesses
  • Make commercial services more affordable
  • Improve the lives of the less advantaged

How Lifestyle Angels can help

  • Work closely with businesses in the community
  • Develop web based software for local business needs
  • Provide services and advice with a can do approach
  • Provide personal advice and support according to needs
Nutrition advice is offered with a short web questionnaire and a subsequent personalised report, focusing on mental and physical wellbeing and realistic and affordable lifestyle suggestions.
Property Services - having secure and welcoming homes is essential for our wellbeing. Thus we aim to give advice and support to achieve this by supporting and collaborating with property managers.
Social business advice - we can provide speeches and guidance on how to set up, manage and get involved with a social business based on personal business experience, knowledge, examples and ideas
Leisure together – our initiative aims to offer less fortunate individuals a few hours of social interactions through entertainment and useful tips. We will work closely together with health practices, restaurants, bars and museums.
The founder has been visually impaired since birth and has suffered from depression. However recognises that he has been privileged to have a good support network. Therefore is motivated to help people with mental health issues and visual impairment to improve their lives by sharing knowledge and experience acquired in nutrition, porperty, retail and social activities.


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